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Subway Clash 2

About Subway Clash 2


Subway Clash 2 is an exciting free online shooting game. Your army and the enemy will have brutal battles. Aim correctly to defeat all enemies.

These are challenging times. On the old Moscow municipal depot grounds, a religious group called "Witnesses of the Illyich" operates. Their objective is to carry out a radiation assault on Moscow and destroy the constitutional system, led by the well-known extremist Bonch-Bruyevich.

As the commander of the GRU Special Forces, you have been tasked with clearing these deadly dungeons once and for all, as well as eliminating all undesired criminal elements. Soldier, take pleasure in your work and lead your unit ahead, picking up new weaponry as you go. There are several nooks and corridors in the Old Metro containing hidden areas and surprises.

How to play Subway Clash 2:

  • WASD - movement SPACE
  • Jump C
  • Crouch RMB
  • Aim G
  • Throw grenade 1, 2, 3, 4 
  • Switch weapons TAB
  • Score table L
  • Exit mouse lock mode

Wish you have the most comfortable and wonderful entertainment moments. Be a happy player.

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