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Rocket Bot Royale

About Rocket Bot Royale


Rocket Bot Royale is a frantic shooting game. Your mission is to explore the island, shoot other players, and collect coins to buy upgrade weapons.

You will be set on an island. To survive, you have to control the tank and fire rockets from your robot tank to eliminate the competition using advanced tactics and powerful weapons. Use cannons to propel your tank around the island or land on suspended zero gravity rocks. Try to protect your survivability. Destroy other tanks and get the rewards they leave behind. Remember you also must avoid rising water levels and survive longer than the rest if you do not want to lose.

After joining addictive battles, you will collect gold coins and gems. You can also buy gold in the store and watch ads to get instant gold rewards. Before joining the game, use gold to get perks and weapons. There are four standard upgrades for level 1 players, and they last for the duration of your game. Complete all your objectives to level up. Leveling up gives you access to better perks and weapons than before the game started, like quick shots, shields, extra ammo, and more. You can also use green gems to change power up.

Features of Rocket Bot Royale:

  • There are many levels with different degrees of difficulty. 
  • The shop sells gems, cosmetics, crawlers, and hides. 
  • There are many modes: Play solo; Red and Blue; Form a squad.
  • Having leaderboards and goals for you to follow.

How to play: 

A to the left

D to the right

The mouse to aim

Left mouse button to fire


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