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Ram The Yoddha

About Ram The Yoddha

How to play

Ram The Yodha is a great combination of action and role-playing games. You will transform into a character struggling with kings and evil minions.

During the Dussehra season, Freak X Apps created an intriguing game centered on Rama's conquest over Ravana, the demon king. "Ram The Yodha" is a fantastic game that combines action and role-playing elements (RPG). Ravan, the demon king, is always ready with nefarious schemes, and Lord Ram is on a mission to fight Lankapati Ravan's army. It would help if you killed several demons that will appear on the screen in this game. To slay monsters, you must drag and release the bows. Each devil has a varied number of points that can be obtained by killing them.

The most delicate part of the game is that, like Lord Ram, you will never be killed or assaulted by demons; nevertheless, you must save your bows because you only have a limited number of bubbles with which to slay monsters. So, be cautious and quick, as the clock is ticking. Make sure you don't miss out on this opportunity. More potent weaponry may be required to combat the most dangerous demons. To kill the monsters, you will also receive several supernatural weapons (as power) in the game. Aside from that, you can collect the ability of the bows to gain more bubbles. Play the Ram the Yodha game to commemorate the triumph of good over evil.


How to play Ram The Yodha:

  • Let's drag the arrow to hit the target and shoot

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