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Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

About Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense


Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense, we need your help; the chicken army is advancing towards our wall. Let's merge the cannons to increase the stopping power

We urgently require your assistance! Combine cannons, enhance your castle, and keep the chickens at bay! There will be waves of chickens, culminating in the end boss chicken! It's time to unite your cannons and defend your fortress against these vicious chickens. Are you prepared, or are you going to back out?

How to Play Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

  • Defend yourself against the ferocious fowl.

Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense is one of the most chaotic defense/merge games you'll ever play. You must defend the wall while also merging your cannons to enhance them. The waves of chickens, on the other hand, never stop attacking. That means you must keep your weaponry as improved as possible at all times, which becomes increasingly difficult as you progress through the merge stages!

  • Look for firepower wherever you can.

Individual weapons can be purchased from the shop. As you level up, more cannons become accessible. If you're desperate to stop the chickens, punch the cannon button to generate more of any variety and hope for the best. You'll also want to update your defenses in the store and maintain your wall robustly.

  • Features
  1. Unstoppable waves of hens that will eventually consume you
  2. All of your cannon and upgrade needs can be met at this one-stop shop.
  3. Minimal aid is provided through a lucky wheel and mystery boxes.
  4. There are numerous cannon types and general enhancements to be unlocked. 
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