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Masked Forces

About Masked Forces


Masked Forces is an exciting 3D first-person shooter game. Join the arena and fight like real warriors. Collect daily rewards to buy new weapons

This game has both campaign and online pvp modes; you can also change your character's loadout, including their amour and weapons. A revolver, a slugger, a Thompson, and even an HMG light machine gun are among the weapons available. In battle, you must move quickly, aim carefully, and stay alert because you never know when your enemies will appear! The gameplay is intense, and the graphics are similar to those seen in Counter-Strike.


  • Multiplayer and single-player gameplay are both enjoyable.
  • Weapons such as a machine gun, smg, and sniper rifle are available.
  • Characters with upgrade options


  • WASD keys to move
  • mouse spread to shoot
  • right click to aim
  • R to reload
  • Mouse wheel to cycle through weapons
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