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Imposter Battle Royale

About Imposter Battle Royale


Imposter Battle Royale is an one-of-a-kind multiplayer shoot inspired by the well-known Among Us,in which gunplay and real-time battles are seamlessly combined.

Are you willing to risk your life to protect your friends while mercilessly annihilating your enemies? Combine weapons to make more powerful ones, and use your profits to improve your defenses.

Explore every nook and cranny of this dangerous space base, avoiding death at the hands of sharp traps and sinister enemies, and try to keep your life bar topped up if you want to win. Keep an eye on the map, pursue your enemies, protect your back, and collect weapons to defend yourself from any attack. Only someone as brave and energetic as you have a chance of surviving this difficult adventure.

There are multiple modes, dozens of weapons, and 15 ranks in the game. You must also constantly synthesize advanced weapons, upgrade your ranks, and complete the battle victory. It is important to note that opening the drone treasure chest can make the game easier!Each weapon has unique attack characteristics and use skills; come and have a look!

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