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About Gunspin


Gunspin is a physics game in which you shoot a gun and attempt to keep it flying for as long as possible. Upgrade your gun with extra rounds and power to make it travel even further.

How to Play
Fire your gun

Shoot your gun to the left with all of your shots to send it flying as far as you can.Try to collect as many coins as possible. Use the money you earn to buy the necessary equipment in the shop
Unlock new guns
By reaching a particular distance at the conclusion of each round, you can unlock a new gun. Each gun has its unique sound and statistics, so pick your favorite and use it to improve your score!

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  • It's addictive to go the longest distance.
  • Make a bet with your pals to see who can beat your score.
  • Unlock new firearms, each with their own set of stats.
  • Upgrade your weapons to go further.
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