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Greenlight, Redlight

About Greenlight, Redlight


Greenlight, Redlight is an extremely attractive game. Be sneaky and try to reach the red finish line before other players without being seen by the red light!

If you break the race's rules, you'll be forced to join the war and squid cash race 3d. A young lady remains with the tree near the end of the level and shouts Green Light Red Light. Furthermore, the red light point prevents you from moving squid test your body. Fill in the beginning by socializing all of the stacks and crosses that run the length of the extension. This game has a squid-like feel to it. Attempt to avoid being eliminated and get to the top of the leaderboard for a chance to win the 46.5 billion won prize pool! All participants who complete the tasks and win the squid game test will receive a large sum of money for the rest of their lives. People who continue on the red light point will be eliminated from the Squid game challenge.

How do you succeed in the Greenlight, Redlight?

Use your dexterity to move to the finish line, when the doll says the green light you try to move to the finish line, when the doll turns your face to stay still, if you move you will be killed immediately. The trick to winning this game is that you stand behind others to run, so the doll won't see you moving like that and can escape.

Release Date     October 20 2021

Type WebGL - Html5
Developer PL Studio
Mobile Mode Yes
Platform PC, Web browser and also on all mobile devices here:
HTTPS Ready Yes
Categories unblocked, WebGL, Squid game

Squidly Game  - Greenlight, Redlight

Everyone gets a ten out of ten for content.

Squidly Game  Detailed Information

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