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Eternal Fury

About Eternal Fury


Eternal Fury is a very unique strategy RPG. Terrible creatures began to break through the devil's gates into the kingdom of people, protect this world.

Three worlds emerged at the beginning of time: the Underground, the Human World, and the Divine Kingdom. Hel became the nasty mistress of the underworld. For a time, all beings of the dark world flourished under her direction. However, demons' nature is such that they are always looking for a fight. Hel then decided to expand her holdings and take the Divine Kingdom by passing through the World of People's gates. Terrible animals broke past the devil's gates into the human kingdom, spreading devastation where they couldn't resist.

Protect your world, and don't allow the demons to take control!

Features of Eternal Fury:

  • A one-of-a-kind blend of traditional MMORPG with turn-based strategy
  • A intriguing story and a varied duty scheme;
  • A high number of combatants (hiring and forming a detachment of two sorts of soldiers, "Soldiers" and "Mercenaries")
  • Dungeon passage, boss battles, and conflicts with rival clans are all done together.
  • A lot of dungeons and a huge variety of monsters that differ in appearance and abilities;
  • A big collection of game weapons.


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