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About Doomz.IO


Doomz.IO is a fantastic io game. In this game, you have to battle against all the other players from around the world to survive as long as possible.

This is a multiplayer survival game where you must fight against other players to survive. Start by being placed where you are nothing in your hands. Only the strongest players will survive as you gain strength by defeating other players. Survive by digging for gold, building your own base, and defeating your opponents to take the loot. Gather items to make it easier for you to survive longer and defeat gamers from across the world. Once you think you are strong enough, then start bashing other players. Collect gold to buy weapons and skins so you can win in a cool way. Plan properly because the other players will initially make every effort to defeat you as you fight to survive.  It will not take you long to become engrossed and start wanting more thanks to its easy gameplay and basic aesthetics. Share with friends your achievements or challenge them for a round or two. Dominate the online scene by being on the move and collecting at the same time. The possibilities are endless as you fight to be the last man standing.

Features of Doomz. IO:

  • Multiplayer.
  • Stunning graphics, and engaging sound effects.
  • Easy to control.
  • Diverse tasks for you to try.

How to play: 

"WASD" keys to move

Space key to gather/attack

Mouse to look around

"RMB" keys to empty hand

E key to auto attack

Q key to select health potion

1-6 keys or click to select items

I key or Tab key to open inventory/ shop

Enter key to chat

ESC key to close the window.


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