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Crazy Zombie Hunter

About Crazy Zombie Hunter


In Crazy Zombie Hunter, you'll be fighting zombies. With the help of the helicopter, you must evade the zombie invasion and flee the deadly location.

Wild Zombie Hunter is a crazy zombie game. Do you think you can defeat them and save the world? In this combat game, show off your strength and talents!

The game recreates the battle of zombies with attractive and vibrant graphics. They're on their way to take over the world. Thousands of distinct zombies exist, ranging in strength from feeble to powerful.
To quickly destroy this formidable army, use your weapons and devise the most exact and effective strategy possible. A ferocious battle to keep the world safe from these nefarious beasts.

This Crazy Zombie game features hundreds of various battling levels for you to challenge and enjoy. To buy new guns and enhance your weapons and your personal strength, try to earn a lot of points.

How to play Crazy Zombie Hunter:

  • WASD is used to move around.
  • Knife: L
  • Grenade: H
  • Air Strake: J
  • Fire: K
  • Q (Change Weapon)
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