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Command Strike FPS

About Command Strike FPS


Command Strike FPS is a survival shooting game. Your mission is to defeat all enemies to be able to pass to the next level and collect gold to upgrade weapons.

It can be said that this is one of the best shooting games. You will transform into the hunter of the city, the task is to destroy all those who are trying to threaten your life. They had numerous perfectly armed weapons. Knock them out before you have the misfortune of being hit. If you win, defeat all the opponents and pass the level, you can get a reward of gold. The amount of gold you earn will be used to upgrade your weapons. That makes you stronger and not inferior to any of your opponents. You can choose the best gun in the Arsenal section, as long as you have a lot of gold. Different guns will have different characteristics. Stats like damage, fire rate, distance, and capacity are different, which is suitable for many game modes. You need to consider where you will fight to be able to choose the most appropriate gun and destroy the most enemies. In addition, you can also upgrade bulletproof vests to protect yourself. Watching ads is also a way to get more free gold, consumables, and weapon parts. Complete every task in the Daily Tasks section to get more gold. There are many levels for you to try. You can play solo or with other players as a team and fight when choosing multiplayer mode. Good luck.

Features of Command Strike FPS:

  • Can play solo or multiplayer mode.
  • Various types of guns with different damage, fire rate, distance, and capacity stats.
  • There are many levels to play.
  • Daily tasks are diverse and interesting to players.
  • This game had smooth action and ultimate gameplay.

How to play: 

“WASD” to move

G to use a grenade 

H to use first aid kit 

C to squat 

M1 to aim 

M2 to shoot 

SPACE to jump


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