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Call Of OPS 3

About Call Of OPS 3


Call of Ops 3 is a fun 3D multiplayer shooting game. Your goal is takedown other players on the maps to gain the most frags in the deathmatch mode.

You will face actual adversaries on a large battlefield in Call of Ops 3. Pick your squad and send your men to the front lines. Pull the trigger when you're ready to battle and fight! Don't forget where you were murdered if you die. Use your various weapons to eliminate other marines while avoiding being shot by others. Be the ultimate winner in the Call of Ops 3 game.

How to controls

  • WASD to Move.
  • Space to Jump.
  • C - Crouch.
  • LMB - Shoot.
  • RMB - Aim.
  • R - Reload.
  • P - Pause menu.
  • 1,2,3 - Select weapon.


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