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BuildNow GG

About BuildNow GG


BuildNow GG is an online build-and-shoot game with a variety of game modes, strong weaponry, simple gameplay but beautiful graphics and levels.

Build and fight your way to the top of the scoreboard while honing your abilities in offline training mode.

Build, shoot, and party
You compete against another player while building ramps, roofs, and walls as rapidly as you can. Aim training is a great technique for new players to learn the fundamental controls. The game is online, however in party mode, you can start a private match with your pals. In a private game, you can host up to six participants.

Master your weapons
You can switch between the available weapons while engaged in combat, and they cover the typical loadout you'd anticipate in a shooting game. A handgun, machine gun, sniper rifle, shotgun, and pickaxe are included in the loadout. All firearms have endless ammo and accurate ballistics.

Customize your profile
There are numerous customization possibilities in BuildNow GG. In the graphics options, you can adjust the visual quality, FPS cap, HDR, and more. The features also allow for complete key mapping customization, allowing you to design the optimum shooting and construction profiles.

Game modes
On the sandbox-style map Freebuild, you can engage in PvP and practice without restrictions.
Last guy standing wins in 1v1 combat or 6-player FFA in the V-Arena.
BoxFight: Last guy standing in a 1v1 Boxfight or a 4-player FFA wins.
Improve your aim on stationary and moving targets with Aim Training.
6 player FFA in a random zone for Zone Wars

Build and engage in combat your way through the top 5 action-packed game types.
Play in private with a group of up to six people.
Completely individualized performance and key profile
Offline practice for building and shooting

WASD or arrow keys = move
Space = jump
Q = wall
C = floor
V = ramp
Left shift = roof
F = edit
F = apply edit
Right-click = reset edit
Scroll wheel down = fast edit reset
Left-click = fire
Right-click = aim
Z = pickax
1 = slot 1
2 = slot 2
3 = slot 3
4 = slot 4
5 = slot 5
B = emotes
P = open chat
M = scoreboard

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