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Bruh io

About Bruh io


Bruh io an intense fighting game with other players as they will try to kill you with their own weapons and skills. Fight today at and rule the city!

Weapons such as machine guns, rocket launchers, and shotguns are scattered throughout the map for you to collect. In addition, if you are injured, you can collect health kits to replenish your HP. A poisonous gas will be released at predetermined intervals throughout the game; you must reach the safe circle in time to avoid being poisoned and killed! Fight it out in today and take control of the city!


  • There are a lot of guns and items scattered around that you can pick up.
  • A poisonous gas area that is constantly moving and pushing you into a smaller area.
  • Big map with various structures
  • You can use different character's skin
  • Screen-shaking effect
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