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Assualt Bots

About Assualt Bots


Assualt Bots is a thrilling shooting game. Your mission is to shoot down all your opponents to get a victory and raise your rank on the leaderboard.

Welcome to the robot war! In this war, you have to control your robot to kill all the members of the opposite team and capture as many flags as possible. Note that shooting the back of the robot is the most damage and shooting in front of the bot is the least damage. Look at the mini-map at the left top of the screen to know where your rivals and you are. Always pay attention to your HP bar. If you run out of blood, you will die. Try your best to kill as many enemies as possible to raise your rank on the leaderboard. You will claim a lot of experience points, coins and money after getting a victory. Accumulate as many experience points as possible to level up. Use the coins and money you earn to purchase a variety of cool accessories in the shop and customize your robot.

Features of Assualt Bots:

  • A variety of robots to select
  • Many cool accessories to unlock
  • 2 modes including Earth Defense and Alien Invaders
  • Leaderboard support
  • Multiplayer
  • Incredible 3D visuals and original sound effects

How to play:

Press “WASD” keys to move

Press “1, 2,3” keys to change your weapons

Press a right mouse key to aim

Press a left mouse key to shoot


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