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Among Us

About Among Us


Among Us is a betrayal and teamwork party game. Crew members must work together to finish tasks before one or more Impostors kill everyone on board.


Life as a Crewmate: Complete all of the ship's tasks to win, but beware of Impostors! Report dead bodies and convene emergency meetings to vote out the Impostors. I hope you chose wisely!

Play the role of an impostor: Make a scene, sneak around, and frame innocent bystanders! Winning entails eliminating every Crewmate - think you're a saboteur?

Customization: You have complete control over how you wish to play! Among other things, increase the number of impostors, tasks, and visibility. You get to choose your favorite color, outfit, and hat, so it's all in style.

Play with your friends across platforms, including PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS! During those emergency meetings, quick chat allows you to quickly and easily build your arguments and defenses.

PC Controls:

Arrows or WASD - Moving

E or Space - Use

Q - Kill

R - Report body

Mouse - Minigame and menu interactions

Alt+Enter - Toggle fullscreen

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